Bake It Better: 70 Show-Stopping Recipes to Level Up Your Baking Skills

70 Show-Stopping Recipes to Level Up Your Baking Skills

Cover Art for 9780744064902, Bake It Better: 70 Show-Stopping Recipes to Level Up Your Baking Skills by Matt Adlard
ISBN: 9780744064902
Publisher: Alpha Books
Published: 29 August, 2023
Format: Hardcover
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Why bake it "good enough" when you can Bake It Better? Baking can often seem challenging, if not outright intimidating. But what if there were a book that teaches some baking basics you could then use to make more advanced baked goods? In Bake It Better, Matt Adlard shares his tried-and-true baking approach to help home chefs advance from beginner to intermediate to master baker-all at their own pace. Each chapter has a dedicated theme, with recipes in those chapters offering techniques to show you how to elevate your baking from solidly simple to refreshingly refined to extraordinarily elegant. Bake It Better includes these features- - More than 50 step-by-step recipes for cakes, pastry, breads, cookies, and more - Techniques for mastering essential skills and deepening your abilities - Expert advice from Matt Adlard on enhancing your skills and building your confidence Whether you've never baked anything before or you're looking for ways to develop your baking skills, this book offers everything you need. Join Matt Adlard on a journey to whatever baking destination you seek-and enjoy the detours along the way!

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